Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why most of the HR Managers are female? I felt stuck when I was asked this question!

This is a very tough question to answer. You feel difficult and stick in a place if someone asks you the reason behind female dominance in HR profession; and seriously this is really hard to answer though. You know, this question has lead to growing concerns these days about the homogeneity of the profession.

Moving back to my academic years when I choose HR as my major subject, many of my friends’ questioned me on my decision. I was jumped to HR because I believed myself a people’s person; saw my
future bright in HR profession and which I believe now is comes true.

Professionally; if you are a people’s person, you are good in HR Management. No matter, both male and female can be a good HR professional and no gender discrimination exists. But, analyzing the trend (globally); it is still dominance by female. If you visit different organizations, you will find female HR in most of the organizations you visit. But this doesn't mean female only are the people’s person and are good in managing people.

In my understanding; caring nature and soft spoken skill of female emphasized them to choose HR profession. Or, may be biologically; it is said that female have good convincing power, can make people feel happy and this capability leads female to become a HR professional (Practically, I don't agree that only female can possessed this capability).

Analyzing the trend in academic sector, the percentage of studying HR Management in college by female is high (a research shows near 70% among the students who preferred HR as their major subject in MBA degree are female in Nepal). You are also aware that no organization hires their HR personnel with no HR background (but it doesn't mean only academic knowledge is okay and no other skill set is required).

So the answer here could be the tendency of demand and supply of HR professionals in competitive job market.